My January Experiment

I was going to begin my first blog of 2016 with a diatribe about new Year's Resolutions and how useless they are.

Well they are. We make them at the most unnatural time - the end of a calendar year  - not Spring [which is really the time of new beginnings] or on our birthday or at tax time or other end/beginning times that actually have significance to us. 

And we make them about end states, not the processes you would use to get there. So classically we would say "I want to lose 10 pounds" rather than "I will replace my sugary drinks with water" or "I will only eat mayo at weekends" - something transparent and binary that you can easily integrate into your life.

Personally I don't do resolutions. But I do like to try new things in January. Last year the magic of tidying up entered my life. And this year I have challenged myself to have a Dry January as Elettra Wiedemann did in this Refinery29 article

 My evening  tipple for the next 31 days . . .

My evening  tipple for the next 31 days . . .

Like Elettra I'd say I had a regular drinking habit rather than a problem. But alcohol, by its very nature is addictive and habit-forming so this is an experiment to see how hard it might be to give up my nightly glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and my occasional cocktail.  

I'm also intrigued to see if there are any effects on my mood or sleep or energy or appetite. This is the bit from the article that inspired  me to  think there might be: 

" I have to tell you that you will feel SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN by the end of week two. I was sleeping so much better, my brain was firing on all cylinders, I was getting all my to-do lists done, my mood was sky-high, my PMS that month was so minor I almost didn’t notice it, my outlook on life was consistently positive, my energy levels were constant, I felt so clear-headed, and my skin was glowing."

If I get even half of those effects I will be ecstatic. 

So what do you think? Any predictions? Do you think it will work? Would you do it? 

Further updates will appear each week.. 

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